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Roaming Profiles - Considerations.

Folders redirection is a nice feature, how ever it misses some major functions that is required if you want to be 100% stations dependent free.

  1. Your Email accounts and setups for Outlook are not moving with you.
  2. Your Desktop icons' order is not kept.
  3. Your Outlook data files is still on the station and is not backed up or move with you.

So what you do? Use Roaming profile, and change the setting for the Outlook data file path to a URL on your network.


Before you set roaming profile, you must consider few points:

  • Large profiles will be slow logon / logoff. Do what you can to lower the profile size. Profile is stored in "Documents and Setting\%UserName%". In this folder you'll find My Music, and Outlook files. MOVE those files away to reduce profile site! Remove and delete any other irrelevant files.
  • Do not try to understand what is going on there... Windows - even with Folders Redirection stores all kind of files in the Desktop folder and in My Documents. The good news is that those are not your files so do not worry about it.
  • Once Profile created, logon under that user name and manually grant full control to  Domain Admins and System for this folder, subs and files so backup can be performed.

IMPORTANT: After the first time you are login in for a user with roaming profile, navigate to the profile location on the server and in the security tab, add "Domain Admins" full control, this folder, subfolders and files.!



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