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Pop-ups, Spyware and Viruses removal

One VERY annoying issue that gets many computers to crash is viruses.

Symptoms including (And in no way limited to...) the follow:

  • Pop-ups are popping all over when you surfing the Internet.
  • Your home page was changed and you can not setup the home page you want.
  • Your search pages was changed and when you search something irrelevant pages of sites you never asked for are returning.
  • Your computer crashes.
  • You computer work extremely slow, and there is activity on the hard drive all the time.
  • Very slow Internet speed.
  • Hard drive unexpectedly riches full capacity.
  • Weird computer behaving.

Generally speaking, viruses can be categorized into 2 main categories:

  1. Viruses: Small vicious code that disrupting your computer's proper operation. This may cause wide array of damages, starting with minor disturbance, through sending information stored on your computer (passwords, images, documents) out to the attacker, and ending with wiping your entire hard drive.
  2. Spyware: Spyware's damage would usually be either in popping unwanted advertising windows in high frequency till it gets to the point that using your computer become impossible, or sending out information about your computer using habits, what you're searching for and what pages your are surfing on.

Removing viruses or spyware are usually done automatically by your anti virus or anti spyware software. However once in a while a new spyware / virus surfaces that is beyond the ability of the anti virus and anti spyware to remove.

If your computer was hit by once of those viruses or spyware, you should call an expert, such as us for example. It some times take good deal of time and effort to get read of those malicious programs, and certainly are a work for expert.

One more aspect you should know about viruses and spyware is the programs that can be use for removal.

There are the big fat programs from established software manufacturers that protects you practically from anything, including your self. The price is (above the purchase cost and annually fee for updates) enormous consumption of amount of memory and computing power, what will slow your computer way beyond your new Vista already goes slow.

There are also advanced, light weight programs that can do practically the same as the large once, are free, do not bother your computer and you too much, AND ARE FREE... (Guess what are installing for our clients)

One such software is AVG. This is a nice free Anti Virus software.
Get it here:
The other, is anti spyware, Microsoft Windows Defender.

Get it here:

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