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About Us - Onsite Computer Service

For almost 30 years, from the DOS days till Windows 7 we are in the computer area and we have lots and lots of experience with computer repairs.

We love computers and doing our work with care and passion.

No computer is to old, no computer is too sophisticated.

Our policy is simple and straight:

"If we do not fix your computer, You'll not pay us a penny."

Our prices are reasonable. Call us at 818-262-5621! and see for your self.

Computers are bringing strong feelings to people: Great joy when things are smooth and frustration and anger when things are going rough.

Call us and have your computer repaired.

Get the best of it at your computer and enjoy!


Call us at 818-262-5621!

Calling us is FREE, and in many cases can instantly resolve the problem.


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Will make your computer behave!

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