Black belts on Computer Repairs

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Computer Services:


  • Find cause of crashes.Repair Windows problems.
  • Detect viruses and missing anti virus / anti spam software.Installing updates.
  • Optimize your computer.
  • Provide hardware repair recommendations.


  • Verify that your anti virus works.
  • Remove unused / unneeded software.
  • Installing Windows updates.
  • Verify that Automatic Updates are ON and functioning.
  • If needed, installing anti virus / anti spyware software.
  • Create Restore CD


  • Check if backup exist, Explain options about backup, setup proper method for backing up your system.
  • Computer Optimization.
  • Your computer may be working up to 100% faster: Computers are fine machines that requires tune-ups once in a while. Many computers are working way slower then what they should for simple reason of being over loaded with unnecessary software.
  • Temporary files are piling up, and drives getting fragmented.
  • We can improve computer performances and memory usage over 100% in some cases.

Computer fine tuning - its a good thing to do, and will make you enjoy your computer even more.

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Will make your computer behave!

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