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Servers setup

We offering a turn key servers setup. We can supply or use an existing server to setup a domain and exchange in your business.

Having a domain set gives you major advantages.


Enforce business rules on all users:

  • Users cannot install anything unless authorized.
  • Users can only see data they authorized to see.

Implement "Follow me" technology (Built in Server 2003.)

  • This enforce all "My Documents" Emails and Desktop all all stations to be physically placed on the server.
  • Make it possible to have reliable backup that is not depend on leaving computers running all night.
  • Make stations replacement easy - when a computer goes down, simply plug another one, login with username / password and all your My Documents and desktop are on it for you.
  • Allow users to login anywhere in the office and have their Desktop Emails and "My Documents" on the computer they are currently using.
Having MS Exchange installed on your system:
  • Allow to share your calendar, view your any Email coming in or out in your business, access your Email from outside your office.

Bottom line: Using Domain and implementing "Follow Me" technology can make your information more secured, and your control over your business data better then ever.

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